Continuum Season 3 – Episode 11

Continuum Season 3 – Episode 11

Written by Jonathan Lloyd Walker


Jonathan Lloyd Walker on SUPERNATURAL

Jonathan Lloyd Walker on SUPERNATURAL

Tune in tomorrow night to see Jonathan guest star!

Jonathan Lloyd Walker on Supernatural

Supernatural starts a new season on October 3rd and Jonathan has a role like none he’s done before! Check back and we’ll fill you in on dates and details.

Continuum renewed for Season II

Jonathan’s back in the writing room for Continuum: Season II. If you haven’t checked out season one it’s time to catch up! (He co-wrote episode 6 and is in episodes 9 and 10)


Check out Jonathan in Continuum tonight! If you miss it, you can check it out on-line here.


If you haven’t done so already, check out Showcase’s ratings-breaking show Continuum.

Jonathan was in the writing room for the series, co-wrote episode 6, Time’s Upand will appear in an episode later this season.

We’ll keep you posted!


A clip of Jonathan in Fringe

Check out Jonathan in Fringe here.